New Single!

Chila’s new single is now available on all digital platforms; Spotify,ITunes,Amazon Music and YouTube,along with its corresponding video lyrics for you to sing, dance and fully enjoy! It’s called Hola Preciosura and it’s authored by Chila. Hope you all love it! Go and check it out!

One new challenge every week!!!

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“Admit it” is finally here!

Hello!!!! What is promised is debt and here I share the first video of an initiative that I have been asked a lot in networks, I have many very talented #soulmates #djsession who send me daily music tracks to create melodies and lyrics, so I start with this track that a great admirer and very talented from South Korea @heybluemist sent me to whom I created this song “Admit it” and that with the collaboration of #sgae we have filmed this little video during these months of so little movement but the important thing is that the music has not stopped. I love you very much and I hope you like what we have all achieved together.

P.S. We continue with the initiative !!!!!

New Single Coming Soon!!! August 1st/2020

“Admit it’’ is a song of empowerment. I wrote it so you all can use it as a push up tool! Music has the power to comfort us, to encourage us, even to give shelter and hope to those deep parts of our interior that nothing and no one can reach, music is capable of entering and illuminating the deepest darkness.

I hope you enjoy it and that you fulfill your mission in the world. Let happy sad hearts or serve as a soundtrack to accompany happy hearts that feel identified.

“Admit it” will be available from August 1, 2020 on my official youtube channel and from here they will also have access. I am very anxious that you already hear it and tell me that you have experienced listening to it. What a thrill!!! The countdown begins !!!