Born in Havana, with only three years she entered the Alejandro García Caturla Elementary School of Music, after eight years of classical piano and music at Manuel Saumell School, where she completed her primary level studies. As a teenager she won several awards in musical competitions and began composing his first songs.

In 2005, she joined the upper middle school Amadeo Roldán, where she won high prizes and distinctions in the national piano and music competitions. Later was the voice of Princess Tiana in the movie Tiana and the Toad of Walt Disney, performing songs by Randy Newman. During that year, Chila Lynn completed her training at the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris and while preparing the release of her first album, Real Woman.).

Participate giving voice to the songs in which “Tiana” appears, the Disney princess star of the movie Tiana and the Toad, released in Spain in February 2010. In 2012 she saw her first album, Real Woman, with songs composed by artists like Pink, Jamie Scott and James Morrison. Among the singers that most influence Chila Lynn are the names of Mary J. Blige, Nina Simone, Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin.

The songs of the first album by Chila Lynn are framed in the soul-pop of black-American roots, which is only available to artists with the musical strength of Chila, which has an exceptional voice and an interpretative capacity that amazes given its youth. Her music unites the contemporary with a Motown breath that places Chila Lynn in that timeless terrain in which quality rules and the future looks promising.

2010 – present: Real Woman

The album is produced by Adrian Schinoff and among the songs there are compositions of Pink (Hands On Me) and James Morrison (Real Woman, Hit & Run) along with seven other sung in English, three of them also in Spanish. Songs that when heard announce and present an artist of great creative height, capable of treating you to the greatest and that make the Cuban one of the great hopes of today’s music over styles, borders and fashions . The spotlight illuminates Chila Lynn.

In 2012 she was nominated as a revelation artist of the year at the awards of the 40 major radio network, a radio chain where her music is broadcast among the top places. She performed at the awards gala 40 of 2013 at the sports hall in Madrid, where she played “Mi Marciana” with Alejandro Sanz, Leire (singer of the popular group La Oreja de Van Gough) and Bebe. Sharing stage also in the same shows with artists as important as Alicia Keys, David Guetta and Pitbul.

This artist has captured the attention of prestigious fashion magazines, which have written articles about her and even making her cover as BAZAAR MAGAZINE, SHANGAY MAGAZINE, ELLE MAGAZINE and VANITY FAIR.

In 2016 her second album came to light under the title “Love and Honey”, simultaneously with a live concert in DVD format under the same name. In both materials the artist premieres as a producer and also as a composer.