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New music this 2020! Just recorded a new song and i can´t wait for you all to hear it! I really hope you all like it and enjoy it! I will be realising it on my youtube channal very soon,please don´t miss it!  

1st August/2020

22nd October/2020

January 2nd, 2021

Today my new single saw the light! It is called “Hola Preciosura”.  

With this single I wanted to access to the Latin roots. Everyone who knows me knows that I love music and I love trying new paths, always keeping my way of doing and my way of singing with the strong currents of pop, r & b, blues, soul, funk and jazz but exploring everything on a musical level that my soul lead me to explore. I really wanted to write, sing and dance Latin rhythms, the process has been a lot of fun. I hope that when listening to “Hola Preciosura” you not only feel identified with the lyrics and the fact of how much we need to love and that they love us, but also with that positivism and that freshness that I always try to put in my work. I sincerely hope that you dance and sing a lot to this new song and that through it help you to disconnect from the stress and anxiety of how hard the day has become. 
I love you infinitely and my biggest inspiration every day is to share music from heart to heart,something that I not only wanted to leave reflected in the music but also in the lyrics video that is also available to everyone. Here I leave for you some links where you can listen to it! 


For some time I have wanted to create a space to share music and unleash even more this passion for art that I feel. At the same time learn from others and their travels. That is why I have created New Line Records Totem for an encounter between people and their artistic journeys from all over the world. I have to confess that it is a great challenge. Many people would never have imagined that I would finally decide to do it but I couldn't help it anymore despite still being immersed in continuing to develop my musical career. I think this is a step that I had to take in my life. And despite the fact that I have some fear and insecurity as any new project entails; I am very happy and focused on making it work. From this personal blog I want to thank my entire team and all the artists who are already placing their trust in us and in this company that has just been born, it is still a baby but it has a big heart and huge eyes full of illusion.

Thursday, May 12, 2021

Hi! In this new entry I wanted to tell you a little more about the preparation of my personal podcast, I have reinvented my home because I want to create something very personal and chick for you, I want to share with you everything I can so that we can be closer each time. 
I already have a lot of chapters and surprises planned for you to enjoy as much as possible and always come back to the next chapter. I have planned to release the first chapter before this summer. Without a doubt it is a very daring step on my part, it is a new adventure that I want to live and that I feel will be super exciting. These months have been very prolific, full of new songs and audiovisual projects. In addition to the Podcast I am also finishing the first storyboard of the Hola Preciosura video clip and I am already working on a new single. I have resumed my composition books and I have a lot of music to do. So please look forward to everything that is coming because it is indeed from the heart and I hope to be able to continue reaching your hearts and sharing life together.